Dinghy Park

Can all members who have paid their dinghy park fees please ensure that they have affixed their transom stickers to their boats as we will shortly be having a tidy up of the dinghy park and will be moving all unregistered boats to the end of the park. This will allow those members who have paid their fees to be able to keep their boats closer to the slip.

Also, as previously advised, all boats stored in the secure compound over winter should now be moved to the dinghy park.

Thank you.

Dinghy Storage – Important, please read

The period during which members were allowed to store their dinghies in the locked compound behind the clubhouse ended on 31st March.  Please remove any remaining boats from the compound to the dinghy park as during the sailing season the compound is for the storage of BSC owned dinghies and rescue boats ONLY.

Please note that the security of boats stored in the dinghy park is the responsibility of the owner and the dinghy park is for the use of BSC Members ONLY.  All boats stored in the dinghy park must display a valid dinghy park sticker.

Many thanks for your cooperation.

Practice Race Wednesday 15th April – MENU

The 2015 sailing season kicks off with the Practise Race  NEXT WEEK – 15th April 2015.

The ale is ordered (Pucks Folly again), the wine is being chilled, Alan has his finger on the start button in the race box and our new caterers, Sharina and Yim, are excited about the prospect of providing us with some delicious meals throughout the season.

Below is the menu for the first week.  If you wish to be sure about getting your first choice then book with them by phone or text – details are on the poster.

Menu – Wednesday April 15

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