2015 Season Trophy Winners – Dinghies

Season's PointsOverall  
Fast Handicap 1stSaltmore ShieldLaserChay Taylor
Fast Handicap 2ndAutumn CupTopper BuzzRichard & Joy Taylor
Fast Handicap 3rdBSC TankardLaserLizzie Brown
Slow Handicap 1stDarby CupTera SportDylan McPherson
Slow Handicap 2ndHermes TrophyFevaEllen Morley & Niamh Davies
Slow Handicap 3rdRNLI Cadet ShieldFevaDylan Collingbourne & Caitlin Morley
Optimist Race 1stThe Branklet TrophyOptimistWill Vanschagen
Optimist Race 2ndP Elam Esq. CupOptimistJack Tucker
Optimist Race 3rdJunior ShieldOptimistCallum Fraser
Spring SeriesWinners
Fast HandicapSpring Series CupLaserChay Taylor
Slow HandicapSpring Series CupFevaEllen Morley & Niamh Davies
OptimistSpring Series CupOptimistStephen Carty
Summer SeriesWinners
Fast HandicapSummer Series CupLaserChay Taylor
Slow HandicapSummer Series CupTera SportDylan McPherson
OptimistSummer Series CupOptimistWill Vanschagen
Special Awards
Stewart PaulMemorial RaceFevaEllen Morley & Hannah Tucker
Baldwin MemorialCupFevaEllen Morley & Hannah Tucker
First Optimist GirlLaserCatherine Hutton-Penman
Friday NightAwards
Pond GroupMost improved sailorKaine Saward
Most sporting sailorStephen Webb
Bass GroupMost improved sailorLauren Wheeler
Most sporting sailorLuke McPherson
Gypsy Moth GroupMost improved sailorStephen Carty
Most sporting sailorCallum Fraser
Handicap FleetBest All RounderDylan McPherson
The Endeavour TrophyDylan McPherson
The Clanger TrophyDavid & Kelly McPherson

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