2015 Season Trophy Winners – Keelboats

Seasons Points Winners
Class 1Norma CupEclipseClive Cherry / Daryl Mylroie
Class 3Sable CupElfinMartin Smith
707Billinghurst TrophyRacehorseRichard Bavin
RS EliteFull and Bye CupOink SquealDavid Wood
SquibJoe Cole CupChequemateIan Simons
Seasons Points Runners Up
Class 1Covington CupGlorious FoolsDigger Harden / Pete Jackson
Class 3WW Hawkes CupSpring ChickenRichard Moore
707Sonata ShieldBaby BelugaJohn Lewis
RS EliteDyce Petticrow TankardExcaliburTrevor Greenway
SquibJoyce Hooper BowlBrutusSimon Griffin
July Cup
Class 1Teazer CupGlorious FoolsDigger Harden / Pete Jackson
Class 3Hood CupSpring ChickenRichard Moore
707Mayflower CupRacehorseRichard Bavin
RS EliteLaser Cup21
SquibWilkinson CupChequemateIan Simons
Spring Series
Class 1Little Gem TrophyStampedeDigger Harden
Class 3Taylor Walker CupXJSRichard Moore
707Bedford CupBaby BelugaJohn Lewis
RS EliteWilkinson CupOink SquealDavid Wood
SquibPitcher CupBrutusSimon Griffin
Stuart Paul Memorial Trophy
707 / Elite / Class1RacehorseRichard Bavin
Class 3 / SquibLady PenelopeMalcolm Hutchins
Baldwin Memorial Trophy
707 / Elite / Class1Oink SquealDavid Wood
Class 3 / SquibChequemateIan Simons
Summer Series
Class 1Round the Island TankardGlorious FoolsDigger Harden / Pete Jackson
Class 3Summer Points TankardSpring ChickenRichard Moore
707Summer Points CupBaby BelugaJohn Lewis
RS EliteSummer Points CupOink SquealDavid Wood
SquibSummer Points TankardChequemateIan Simons
Long Distance Race
Class 1GH Rope CupGlorious FoolsDigger Harden / Pete Jackson
Class 3Social Committee CupSpring ChickenRichard Moore
707Warwick Smith CupBaby BelugaJohn Lewis
SquibFlorence Lavinia CupChequemateIan Simons
Class 1RNLI ShieldEclipseClive Cherry / Daryl Mylroie
Class 3RNLI ShieldElfinMartin Smith
707RNLI ShieldBaby BelugaJohn Lewis
RS EliteRNLI SalverExcaliburMartin Greenway
SquibRNLI ShieldLady PenelopeMalcolm Hutchins
Diana Race
Class 1Royal Wedding TrophyGlorious FoolsDigger Harden / Pete Jackson
Class 3Barrett CupElfinMartin Smith
707Fred Rhind BowlBaby BelugaJohn Lewis
SquibRon Clare SalverChequemateIan Simons
Crews Race
Class 1Bosun CupGlorious FoolsMike Schneidau
Class 3Ida Worrel CupSpring Chicken
707Couture CupBaby BelugaDebbie De Bolz
SquibA Swift HalfLady PenelopeAndy Ramsey
Clanger TrophyGlorious FoolsDigger Harden / Pete Jackson

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