Friday Evening Galley Duty

Hi All,

Our Friday night Junior sailing commences this week and we are putting together a rota for Galley duty. We only have 22 sessions to cover so with two people in the galley each week, only need 44 volunteers.

We have created a poll for members to select which sessions they are able to do. Please volunteer if you can by filling out the poll….

(You may need to copy and paste the link above into your browser if the link does not work – apologies!)

Many thanks,

Your Junior Committee

2 thoughts on “Friday Evening Galley Duty”

  1. I am so sorry that I cannot commit to galley duty at this moment in time as I go into hospital for further surgery on 27th April; they tell me that recovery will be longer this time. However, as soon as I know that I am up and able to take my turn behind the galley I promise to do so ( I know how important it is for this duty to be carried out ). Looking forward to being able to watch the young ones this summer. Granny Carol!!!

    1. Hi Granny Carol!

      Thanks very much. We all wish you the very best for a swift recovery and look forward to seeing you soon.

      Fiona x

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