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Junior Sailing – important dates

Just to let everyone know there will be NO JUNIOR SAILING on 24th August & 31st August due to Burnham Week events. 

There is sailing as normal this Friday 17th, and sailing will resume on Friday 7th September. 

Saturday 8th September is our Junior Regatta Day – all juniors are invited – there will be fun & games for all and racing for both our older and younger sailors (there will even be a little race for those new to the optimist). More info to follow but pop the date in your diary. 

Fiona & Marcus x

Refill Scheme

I have signed Burnham Sailing Club up to the new #refillessex scheme. This is a drive to reduce plastic waste. Businesses and organisations put a sticker in their window to tell members of the public they are welcome to come in with their refillable bottle and get it filled with tap water for free.

Obviously we can only fill bottles when we’re open but hopefully it’s a small step in us helping reduce plastic waste.

You can get the refill app on your phone which will tell you which establishments nearby will allow you to refill your bottle. I’ve added BSC and it’s just pending approval.

Find more info on the scheme here…

Junior Pond Session & Camping

Hi All,

Next Sunday 15th July, is our pond session for all the new, (currently!) non-sailors. This is held at Ratsborough Farm, Southmminster. If you would like your child to take part, please email Marcus on

We will be camping the night before (Saturday 14th July). Camping is £12 per night, per tent – dogs on leads are welcome at £1 per dog, per night. You can set up from 9am on the Saturday.

Marcus & I are at a sailing event during the day at the club so won’t be down till late afternoon but we will bring the club gas BBQ and you are all more than welcome to cook on it. I’ll bring a rounders set and hopefully we can have a game.

If you would like to camp, please let me know – I can then let Ratsborough know how many of us will be coming. Even if your child is not taking part in the pond session, you are still more than welcome to join us for camping.



Junior Sub Committee


There is a RIB (pictured below) that appeared in our overflow car park a couple of weeks ago. We are unsure who owns it.

If it belongs to you or you have any information, please contact

Many thanks,

House Sub Committee

Car Parking


Just a polite reminder that no parking is permitted past the white container at the top end of the car park nearest the club. (Area circled in yellow below).

This area is needed to be kept clear so it can be used as a turning circle, for boat drop off and for moving RIBS / boats / kayaks from the compound up onto the pontoon.  Boats are also often bought into this area to be washed down after sailing.

We appreciate the car park can get incredibly busy – please use the overflow car park at the end of the dinghy park during busy times.

There is a sign on the container indicating that there is no parking past that point but it is often not seen by drivers.

Many thanks

House Sub Committee

Commodores Cruise & BBQ

The weather gods are shining on us and it’s a perfect start to the day of the Commodores Cruise. Even if you’re not joining us for the sail / cruise to Fambridge you are most welcome to join us for BBQ later.

I imagine, given the tide times, we’ll be back and ready to BBQ from around 5.30/6pm. The BBQ will be lit and it’s a very casual ‘bring your own food and cook it’ kind of BBQ!

Hope to see lots of you soon!

Friday Night training for Juniors

Hi All,

As we have so many new Juniors that have joined us on a Friday night who are currently non-sailors, we have decided to split them all into groups. There will be 3 groups and they will spend time participating in 3 different activities. The idea will be that they spend time on each activity and rotate so they all participate in each activity over the course of the evening. This will start from this Friday 8th June.

The three activities will be;
1. Shore based – learn how to tack on our tacking simulator (for those non sailing parents – tacking is essentially changing direction in your boat!), learn the different parts of an Optimist (this will be the first boat they sail) and how to rig it.
2. Trip on Volunteer.
3. Sail on the Topper Sport / the BSC yacht ‘Thalassa’ once it is launched.

Once the children have had time taking part in our Pond sessions some of them will then progress onto the River, sailing independently.

With this in mind, more volunteers will be needed – either onshore (if you have some sailing knowledge and are able to teach tacking / rigging optimists) or on the water – either as crew in a boat, helming a powerboat, including Volunteer (only PB2 qualified can drive our biggest RIB) or helming the Topper Sport / yacht.

If you are interested in helping, please email me on and indicate where you are able to help. The idea is to have a ‘pool’ of parents who are happy to help and when I put together the rota for Friday evenings (I do this on a week by week basis), I can contact people to ask if they’d like to help that week – I will never rota you in without asking first!

I think Marcus is planning to run a few training sessions for parents to teach them how to drive Volunteer and the ‘Flames’ (these are our rigid powerboats with a tiller type engine on the back) – watch this space for more info!

Many thanks!

Bank Holiday Monday Sail

Anyone fancy a sail tomorrow?! The weather is forecast to be super hot, with a light breeze. Coral and I will have a safety boat out and Marcus will join us around 12.30 after he finishes his duties at the RBYC.
I’ll get down there around 11.30, with a view to launch around 12.30ish. Bring a picnic and enjoy a lazy day on the pontoon while the children have fun (and adults if they want to go afloat!) ☀⛵🏄‍♂️😄


Friday Night Junior Training

Friday is upon us again. The wind forecast is very light (and sunny (ish!!) with no rain) so should be perfect for our younger sailors. Liam is away this week so Ellen has kindly offered to take out the Topper Sport. Ellen is a coach for the RS Tera Squad, and has plenty of sailing achievements under her belt so they’ll be in very safe hands.

In addition to that, Dan Tribe has very generously offered his yacht to us for the evening (thank you!) so that we can take out those who aren’t on the Topper Sport (don’t worry, the children will be rotated between the two so hopefully should have a turn on each). His daughter Jo will be at the helm and Don assisting. We’ll also probably need a parent or two to hop on board but Jo will let you know this evening.

We’ll have our usual coaches out with the Optimist fleet – Andy & Tony, Ben with the handicap fleet, assisted by James this week and Karen will be taking out any children that don’t want to sail on Volunteer – thanks as always to all of our coaches!

The galley & bar will be open so we look forward to seeing you all later!


Friday Evening Galley Duty

Hi All,

Our Friday night Junior sailing commences this week and we are putting together a rota for Galley duty. We only have 22 sessions to cover so with two people in the galley each week, only need 44 volunteers.

We have created a poll for members to select which sessions they are able to do. Please volunteer if you can by filling out the poll….

(You may need to copy and paste the link above into your browser if the link does not work – apologies!)

Many thanks,

Your Junior Committee